Waratah Power Station

Redesign and recommission

Project Summary

The Waratah Power Station was built in 1906 to power processing operations of the Mt Bischoff mine. The Power Station, built deep in the Waratah River gorge was fed by a complex network of reservoirs, water races and creek diversions that fed a metal penstock some 170 vertical meters above the power station. The Power Station consisted of four pelton-style impulse turbines, two small and two large that could supply up to 1MW of energy. The power station powered the mine and the town for many years and was eventually connected to the state electricity grid in 1951 however in 1952 a landslip near Waratah Falls destroyed an integral section of water race and was never repaired. Since then the water races and haulage ways have gradually succumbed to the forest, the power station and other infrastructure partially dismantled and components removed and the powerhouse partially collapsed.

River Power Tasmania has been contracted to undertake feasibility, redesign and recommissioning works as part of a wider tourism and renewable energy development in the Waratah area. Work on this project and engagement with the numerous stakeholders and government departments is ongoing.

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  • Constructed 1906
  • Dam storage- 600ML
  • Penstock length- 336m
  • Head- 170m
  • Penstock Diameter- 450mm
  • Max designed flow- 750l/s
  • Max output- 1MW
  • Annual generation- 2.8GWh